Zoho launches workflow automation tool Qntrl

Business software provider Zoho has launched a new business division, dubbed Qntrl, to offer workflow solutions to enterprises. 

The workflow orchestration platform will offer visibility, control, and automation to business orchestrators and process managers to ensure process compliance and improve operational key performance indicators (KPIs), according to a statement. 

With the new product, the Chennai and Austin, Texas-based firm targets the widening gap in process management for modern, complex workflows that require tight alignment between multiple stakeholders, the statement said.  

"As the workflow management market grows in size and sophistication, frustrations related to efficient and transparent management are becoming a bigger roadblock for organizations across the board. These challenges require robust solutions that minimise the negative impact on business. With the full support of Zoho Corporation, Qntrl will tackle this head on, helping its customers accelerate business with the support of first-class orchestration software," Mani Vembu, COO of Zoho, said. 

Qntrl allows users to centralise requests from all process stakeholders; ensure process compliance; enable contextual, workflow-centric collaboration across stakeholders; automate repetitive, low value-added task; gain workflow intelligence reports and insights to improve operational KPIs; and leverage advanced data security and information access controls.  

It also enables integration with existing IT stack solutions, including Zoho business software apps and third-party solutions such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workday. 

"Managers need increased visibility into their department's operations to ensure things are running the way they designed them to. Qntrl allows Orchestrators to customise workflows at scale in a more intuitive way, without sacrificing the ability to manage complex scenarios," Rodrigo Vaca, Qntrl's chief marketing orchestrator, said. 

Qntrl, which is generally available from Wednesday, will offer paid plans starting at Rs 420 per user a month, with an annual contract. Qntrl also offers a free version for up to five users and three orchestrations.   

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