Introduction to Edge Insights' Future of Automation platform powered by Automation Anywhere

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘automation’? Some might see automation as an opportunity to improve productivity, time management, and speed up innovation. Others might raise concerns about the disappearance of jobs and the future of employment. Public opinion, and that of experts and practitioners, has no doubt been influenced by decades of science fiction. Will it take centuries for our society to reach the kinds of automation explored in science fiction? Or are we a closer to a machine takeover than we might think? Above all, what impact will automation have on us, our lives, and work experiences? 

Edge Insights' Future of Automation powered by Automation Anywhere is a community driven knowledge, experience & expertise sharing platform to drive the singular agenda of being future ready.

Tech Decision-makers across industries form the core of this community supported by a technology partner to contribute to innovations and tech insights, while Edge Insights acts as a catalyst in driving participation, contributions amongst community members.

The platform is dedicated to tracking innovations around the automation industry and giving its community members a complete coverage via insightful research reports, case studies, articles, white papers, interviews, community insights, latest stories from, and lot more.