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Digital Dialogue with Hitesh Singla, Square Yards

Big moves in the business transformation are in progress. The world is embracing the latest technology at far greater speed to ensure high-growth responsiveness. One of the most popular software technologies empowering businesses and acting as an engine for the next-gen operating model— RPA.  

From saving time & money, automating repetitive and rule-based tasks, streamlining processes, to improving customer experience, RPA is helping businesses to create value. Especially in the present scenario, where the cloud is the platform of choice for RPA.  

Today, more than five times as many customers are opting for the cloud. Looking ahead 12 months, cloud-only and hybrid RPA deployments will continue to accelerate.  

Watch this recent interview, where Shalil Gupta, CBO, Mosaic Digital, asked Hitesh Singla, Co-Founder & CIO, Square Yards, how RPA has helped them deliver solutions that drive business value and have helped them to accelerate their journey to innovation.